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​RF Venue's new DISTRO5 HDR, COMBINE6 HDR, and Spectrum Recorder set new standards for wireless microphone and IEM systems. The DISTRO5 HDR offers top-tier RF performance in a compact half-rack unit, supporting up to 9 wireless mic channels in a 1RU space. The COMBINE6 HDR eliminates the "antenna farm" by merging up to 6 IEM signals into one powerful, clear transmission. Perfect for churches and touring bands, it meets rigorous standards with excellent IMD specifications for enhanced performance. The Spectrum Recorder ensures optimal system performance by capturing and analyzing RF activity in the 400-700 MHz band. Upgrade your setup with RF Venue’s cutting-edge solutions.


Five Channel Antenna Distribution System

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In-Ear Monitor Transmitter (RF) Signal Combiner

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​Antenna and Power Distribution Platform

Join the RF HDR Revolution

The DISTRO5 HDR is RF Venue's newest and highest performance antenna and power distribution platform for any brand wireless microphone system.  Building on the success of the DISTRO4, the DISTRO5 HDR delivers even better RF performance in a compact half-rack footprint.  Multiple DISTRO5s can be cascaded together using the included joining plate hardware and available premium interconnect cable packages for up to 9 channels of wireless mics in a 1RU space.

In addition to clean, low noise RF signal distribution across the 470-698 MHz band, the DISTRO5 HDR is a highly capable power distribution system for powering wireless microphone receivers or other 12V DC rack equipment.  The available Octopus power cable uses the DISTRO5's robust internal power supply to provide up to 5 amps of DC power to rack devices, eliminating wall warts and the need for dedicated rack power distribution.  The DISTRO5 HDR also features a 12V DC power input for battery power operation for mobile sound cart applications. 


  • The DISTRO5 HDR is a part of RF Venue's new High Dynamic Range (HDR) series of products designed and built in the company's new US manufacturing facility.
  • Enjoy crystal-clear signal transmission: The DISTRO5 HDR ensures reliable and clean distribution for all your wireless microphones across the 470-698 MHz band.
  • Expand your setup seamlessly: Connect up to 9 wireless mics in a single 1RU space by cascading two DISTRO5 HDR units with the included hardware and optional interconnect cables.
  • Battery ready: Power your system seamlessly with the 12V DC power input
  • Unleash 5 amps of clean DC power: Utilize the optional Octopus cable to power up to 8 of your wireless microphone receivers and other compatible 12V DC rack equipment.

​IEM Transmitter Signal Combiner

Room For The Whole Band

For performers, in-ear monitors (IEMs) are a lifeline, but RF dropouts and interference can turn them into a nightmare on stage when you need them the most. The culprit? Antenna farms, where multiple IEM transmitters can create a chaotic mess of signals and excess noise.

Enter the COMBINE6 HDR, a compact, half-rack unit that streamlines your IEM setup. It combines up to 6 IEM signals into one, eliminating the "antenna farm" problem. Imagine a single, powerful antenna transmitting a crystal-clear mix to all your performers. Whether installed in churches or used by bands with flypacks on the road, the COMBINE6 HDR delivers big RF performance in a compact package.  Tested to rigorous standards, the COMBINE6 HDR boasts excellent IMD specifications, reducing noise in your system and enhancing the performance of wireless mics sharing the same spectrum as your IEMs.


  • The COMBINE6 HDR is a part of RF Venue's new High Dynamic Range (HDR) series of products designed and built in the company's new US manufacturing facility.
  • Uncompromising Audio Fidelity: Experience pristine, nuanced audio, even in challenging environments.
  • Focus on Your Performance: Say goodbye to troubleshooting and enjoy the confidence that your IEMs will get the job done when you need them the most.
  • Scale Your System Effortlessly: This innovative design lets you connect a second unit for a total of 12 IEM channels in a single rack unit (1RU).
  • Professional Look & Feel: The COMBINE6 HDR's sleek design enhances your stage presence.

  • Crafted with meticulous attention to detail in RF Venue's new US manufacturing facility, the COMBINE6 HDR embodies the company's unwavering commitment to quality and performance.


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